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Born in Malta, and raised in Australia, a singer/songwriter, started singing at an early age at the ‘Johann Strauss School of Music’ in Valletta, moved to Australia at age 9 with the family and joined the professional group called ‘The Green Valley Young Peoples Choir’ which was first established in 1968 under the direction of Mr Rex Harris. Performing in numerous musicals even at a young age, Toured extensively within Australia, Great Britain, America and Canada. The choir has had many significant achievements and performances, supporting artists such as Marcia Hines, Jon English and Peter Allen with the original recording of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’.

Known as ‘Ozzy Lino’, ‘Lino’ ‘being what mum always called me’ & ‘Ozzy’ referring to his upbringing in Australian. Once a Resident singer and co-host of ‘RED’ ‘mużika u ħsejjes ohra’ a music TV programme with Peter Busuttil in Malta and with regular radio DJ spots on ‘XFM’ and other Maltese radio shows.

Earned the nickname ‘The Random Passenger’ after being captured singing on a moving train in Frankfurt, Germany. A viral video that has been viewed over 160 million times worldwide, and in November 2016 received the ‘Frankfurt Tourism Award’ and then went on and took part as a singer at ‘Rockin1000’ The Biggest Rock Band on Earth, singing alongside 1200 other singers & musicians in Cesena, Italy in July 2016. Once back in Malta Ozzy had the opportunity to be a part of one of the most prestigious events in Malta ‘Rockestra’ in September 2016 singing ‘Purple Rain’.

A local coordinator of a Citizens Orchestra take on ‘Ode to Joy’ alongside Composer Tim Steiner and Ricardo Baptista from Ondamarela at the Royal Opera House commissioned by the Arts Council Malta & EU Presidency in Valletta, Malta in April 2017.

Acted, sang and danced in a Maltese musical style Cabaret as ‘il-Boqqu’ in ‘Balzunetta Towers’ alongside Davide Tucci. This was commissioned by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and making part of the Malta Arts Festival 2017. Written by Alfred Sant, lyrics by Albert Marshall and music by Dominic Galea and directed by Sean Buhagiar, at the Royal Opera House in July 2017.

Ozzy performed at the ‘Cittadella Arts Festival’ in July 2017 with DCapitals Band alongside Aida Satta Flores winner of the Sanremo Senior Festival in 2016.and then in early October Ozzy was once again chosen to work alongside composer Tim Steiner and Ricardo Baptista from Ondamarela for the event called ‘G75’ The 75th Anniversary of the George Cross in Malta, as a coordinator in a small version of the Citizens Orchestra in Valletta.

‘KUN KBURIJA’ was an original song to help raise awareness against domestic violence along with Joe Brown and Darren Marmara. The Song was commissioned by the NGO ‘Phenominal Women Malta’ and the Commision for Domestic Violence.

The 2018 ‘NYE’ Celebrations in Valletta was an amazing show singing with The Brass House Unit bringing in the New Year together with Gloriana Arpa Belli and Gianluca Bezzina and just 2 weeks later as an initiative from ‘V18’ Valletta 2018 Cultural Capital of Europe, an event was created, and simply called ‘TAL-LINO’ with ‘Random’ Bus hopping all over Malta and Gozo and spreading the word that ‘All roads lead to Valletta’. The 20th of January 2018 all Malta celebrated ‘V18’ when Valletta became 2018 Cultural Capital of Europe, as a part of opening ceremony Ozzy had the honour of once again singing with The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Tenishia in a show called ‘TEMPO’.

Performed in a concert named ‘Venti di Ciotto’ in Feb 2018 with DCapitals Band in Palermo, Sicily. Once again alongside Aida Satta Flores, an event leading to a series of cultural events in collaboration between Valletta and Palermo in 2018. Once arriving back in Malta Ozzy performed with The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in ‘The Prime Ministers Playlist’ in aid of the National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support Malta, conducted by Sigmund Mifsud and Artistically directed by Felix Busuttil.

Ozzy Lino is an exceptional artist, with a confident and commanding performance’ Mike Galaxy – President of Indy Hits, Los Angeles.

Currently singing with various big bands such as the Versatile Brass, DCapitals Band and the Brass House Unit. Signed with RB Music Entertainment AG,

Exclusive Artist with Tunin Entertainment Malta.

Original music: ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ a collaboration of works 2003.

‘Taking It Easy’ under the alias ‘Jewls Verse’ in 2007, and the latest single

‘Patience’ in late 2016.

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